Could you recommend me your top 10 favorite blogs?

Oh my God

How do I choose just 10 ughhhh help

But OK I guess I’ll make up for whoever I leave out by doing a Follow Friday tomorrow

I’ll recommend the people I first started following and truly fell in love with, who welcomed me on tumblr and showed me the ropes and made everything perfect

  • Vaness, my sun and stars, my Whovian lover. She’s one of the funniest people I know, and even though she’s been busy lately, her tags and graphics and such enrich my life.
  • Lia, who is a perfect human being, makes lovely graphics and music mixes, has the greatest liveblogging commentaries known to man, listens to my bullshit, and also created soulless Cas.
  • Scar, who has made me appreciate the beauty in everyone and everything, is a fantastic human being, completely shameless, and blogs about everything under the sun.
  • Ellie, a fantastic artist, a perfect person (although she is sometimes a mermaid), and lover of facepets.
  • Lindsey, who is secretly Conan’s lost daughter, has great ficrec lists, and is one of the most mature people I’ve met here.
  • Alyss, my ginger lover, thespian, Whovian, brilliant slip of a thing, who is always witty and wonderful.
  • Caffrin, my fluffy-haired twin, who’s always willing to lend a friendly ear and be a good friend.
  • Steph, my Australian moose, who is not really Jack Nicholson and who can’t once told me she couldn’t choose whether she loved Nabokov or Nolan more. In short, she’s insane but wonderful.
  • Molly, my fapping twin, shameless, opinionated, watches more TV shows than any human should be capable of watching, and one of the greatest follow choices ever.
  • Becca, my musical twin, fellow Steelers lover, insane fangirl, and sweet perfect person. Loves good music, good movies, good books, and good shows, and is willing to talk about hem forever. <3